Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hi tom, It will be the best days of my life. I want you to come today!!! I plan the entire week that we will live. First when you arrive at the 21 on June I will wait you with some money to go to the shopping centre to see your facination.........The Pirates of the Caribeen 4!!! Okay, for the next day we are going to see a concert and I have two options: The Robbers and The Wilson Brothers. At the end on the 21th that is the date thet you will have to go there would be a surprise. I will tell you more in another letter.

Wite soon the dates to book the tickets for the concert are till the 6th

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Violent films produce violent children - by Martin Carrasco

In my opinion it's true. I know a lot of children more when they are young that hit me because I was looking at them. Not only that when children are very young they copy all what they see and if they grow liking that things they start to be violent. For example I have a very little cousin that is 2 years old and she copies all the things I do; one time I threw a ball inside my house and she did the same because I did it! Violence influences a lot nowadays because of the II war and a lot of different things thay were made: films, books, porgams on TV, games, etc. I think that if we stop doing that it would be no more war because the children will grow without knowing that war exists.

I hope this can be listened for many people

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PET practice

You worked in an office during your school holidays. Your teacher wants you to write a sohrt report describing the experiencie to the other students at your school. Write two paragraph saying how you got the job and what it was like.

Well, I worked in Gromy Avenue. The place was a tall building full of offices with formal people.
It was a magazine work and I was the publisher of that magazine called Natural. I worked 10 hours a day but it was well-paid. My boss was funny, nice but estrict. I did all of what she(my boss) told me and she got happy. Then when the school was starting again I had to leave and they congratulated me on my work with a very happy party. So I am mostly sure that I will return there but now I will continue doing my work at school.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the e-mail. I’m really sorry but I can’t go because my brother is getting married that day and he wants me to be the best man.

Let’s go next Saturday if you can because I don’t have anything that day.

Take Care


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hello Sam,

I need your bicycle because mine is broken and I have a competiton and I need it.Please can I borrow your bicycle to me?
I will need it for three days because the competition has three steps.I will return it to you Sunday after de competition ok?
Well Bye-Bye,

Your friend Martin

PET practice

Hello Jack,

Yes I have a favourite restaurant called Radison.Radison has tasty food,one of my favourite dishes is lobster,mmm......delicious!!!!
The food is spectacular and tasty.A lot of people go there.In some occasions the restaurant is so full of people that you don't find a place to sit because of the delicious food.
Now I'm going to tell you what kind of dishes are in the starter,then in the main course and then the dessert. Well in the starter there are:many kinds of soup,prawns with a kind of sauce that I don´t know the name, snacks, etc.In the main course there are:seafood paella, pork with apple chops,cesar's salad,three cup chicken etc. and in the dessert there are:sundey,tiramisu,banana split,strawberries with apple,kiwi sorbet,exotic fruits like:mango kiwi etc.
The thing that I like from the restaurant is that it has good waiters,they give you the food very fast,it has entertainment for kids, it's in front of the beach so that you can see the sea.Well it's beautiful.One day I have to go with you and eat there.



Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My plans for the summer holidays

I'm going to Miami,Orlando (United States of America) and Bahamas with my father,my mother, my brother, my grandma, but my grandma can only go to the cruise because she is older and she can't walk too long because in Orlando is Disney and in Disney you have to walk a lot and in some occasions you have to run and my grandma can't run.
I'm going to the airport in the planes of American airlines.I'm going to do three stops over in the plane: first,to Miami,Orlando and Montevideo.After that I'm going to Miami,then in cruise to Bahamas and to Montevideo by plane.