Tuesday, 3 November 2009

PET practice

Hello Jack,

Yes I have a favourite restaurant called Radison.Radison has tasty food,one of my favourite dishes is lobster,mmm......delicious!!!!
The food is spectacular and tasty.A lot of people go there.In some occasions the restaurant is so full of people that you don't find a place to sit because of the delicious food.
Now I'm going to tell you what kind of dishes are in the starter,then in the main course and then the dessert. Well in the starter there are:many kinds of soup,prawns with a kind of sauce that I don´t know the name, snacks, etc.In the main course there are:seafood paella, pork with apple chops,cesar's salad,three cup chicken etc. and in the dessert there are:sundey,tiramisu,banana split,strawberries with apple,kiwi sorbet,exotic fruits like:mango kiwi etc.
The thing that I like from the restaurant is that it has good waiters,they give you the food very fast,it has entertainment for kids, it's in front of the beach so that you can see the sea.Well it's beautiful.One day I have to go with you and eat there.



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